eMAPScan offers Mobile Mapping Solutions to professionals in need of innovative, efficient and reliable tools, products and services.  

eMAPScan distributes 2D and 3D Map Scanning systems designed by VIAMETRIS and delivers Mobile Mapping Services in the US, Canada and South America.




When it comes to drawing simple floor plans or make quantity surveys of buildings or facilities, VIAMETRIS' continuous 2D scanner for interior (and exterior*) becomes the tool to use - it is easy to use and quickly provides results.

Answering to professional expectations, this continuous scanner is perfect for smaller surveys (house, apartment, storehouse, shop) as well as for very large surfaces and numerous spaces(housing, office buildings, shopping mall, etc).


* Scan of building exterior under certain conditions only



The continuous 3D scanner for building interior (and exterior*) is based on a unique technology with no GPS (no GNSS) and with an IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) to correct inclinations and uneven ground.

Able to perform continuous scans in large quantities, the iMS3D is just as powerful to handle smaller areas with tight details as it is to cover large buildings, complexes or factories.


* Scan of building exterior under certain conditions only


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Innovative. Efficient. Reliable!

Mobile 3D Map Scanning & Reality Capture for 

Virtual Design & Construction (VCD) Professionals


State of the art mobile 3D Scanning technology provides seamless continuous point cloud of entire floors and exterior environments faster and with higher accuracy.



The Mobile Mapping System is unique: thanks to exclusive technology developed by VIAMETRIS, this advanced 3D scanning system is the ideal tool for exterior mapping, capable of handling even some of the most difficult areas, thanks to its unique sensor dedicated to trajectory computation based on SLAM* technology.

With its HD panoramic camera and high resolution scanner, this MMS is ideal for your land survey needs. 

*Simultaneous Localization And Mapping 




eMAPScan offers 3D scanning services to professionals in need of efficient and accurate surveys.  We provide complete, processed cloud point files of small and large buildings, interior and exterior, as well as exterior environments. 


Contact us to discuss your needs and wants. We will provide you with a competitive quote and will schedule your job quickly.




Large Structure

The Woodlands Waterway
Convention Center

The Woodlands, TX


Tunnel Scanning

Challenging Environment -

Subway Stations & Tunnel


Large Roof Scanning 

Mobile Scanning of 

320,000-sqft Roof

in One Hour


Street Scanning 

Mobile Scanning of City Street

and Environment


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